Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Top 5 Best and Free Android Cloud apps for your File Storage

Condition is that we use our Android smartphone or tablets to do almost everything including work and entertainment,but obviously the storage of the device is not enough. Maybe you will use the USB drive or the hard drive, but they are just not so convenient.Thanks to the technology of cloud storage, we can just store our date online with security and get large storage.And we can use Android cloud apps to easily deal with our photos, documents and more.Here I would like to suggest you the top and best 5 free Android cloud apps for your photo, documents and others' storage.

Dropbox_Android Cloud StorageDropbox_Android Cloud Storage

Undoubtedly, Dropbox is one of the famous and best Android cloud apps.Many people use Dropbox do a lot of business or store their photos,docs, and videos on the go.One of the great feature of this service is you can share the information around the Internet just like PC's which affect other Android cloud service.Dropbox users are granted 2GB of free space initially with the ability to move up to as much as 16GB. Any type of file that is stored on a computer can be saved to Dropbox including Word documents, pictures, and even videos.

2.Google Drive
Google Drive_Android Cloud App

If you have ever used Google service, then Google Drive cannot be strange to you. Yes, Drive is definitively the most popular Android cloud storage app among Google fans, with the integrating of Gmail Google+ and other related Google’s services and apps.Opposed to the competitor Dropbox, Google Drive gives you 5GB of free storage, which is quite enough to let you put all your most important digital files into your Android phone.And also you can manage your docs directly on Google Drive.And even you can edit your Microsoft office files like excels.

Box_Android Cloud AppBox_Android Cloud App

Box is another popular online storage app for Android with its two main traits – size and ease of use.Up to 10GB free storage is provided for you to store and edit spreadsheets and word processing documents in a simple and intuitive interface.Even you are new for Box, you can easily found how to operate it.For the files, it can support most formats of videos,images,presentations and more.Also, you can share your files with your friends with which the business is more convenient.

SugarSync_Android Cloud AppSugarSync_Android Cloud App

If you are not frequently on line with your Android device, then you can get SugarSync app which allows you to access files while not connected. SugarSync is very similar to the desktop in both style and features.The best of this app is it offers a searching feature to find your docs easily if you have many files stored across a few computers.Also, different from other cloud apps, SugarSync can not only upload your file but also upload the whole folders.You can use this app to save work files, photos, videos, and music across multiple devices besides the phone.

SkyDrive_Android Cloud AppSkyDrive_Android Cloud App

The last one I would like to suggest is SkyDrive which is operated by Microsoft. That means, you can easily manage Microsoft Office files especially Excel, Powerpoint, and other Office documents and enjoy the advanced features of Microsoft’s cloud app.SkyDrive offers 7GB free storage for new users.But the thing is that you cannot edit the files like Google Drive, so this is a part that Microsoft needs to improve.

So, if you haven't used cloud storage,then have a try.

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