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Best 5 Free Android Battery Savers to Extend your Battery Life

One of the problems of the smartphones or tablets that confused us frequently is the poorer duration of battery.Even we don't use the device, we just need to charge them everyday since the phones or tablets go with the HD resolution screen, 4G module and multiple core CPU.If we browse the web,listen to music, play games and more, the battery will drain easily and quickly. So a Android battery saver app is needed to extend your battery life.And this post will share best 5 free battery savers for Android.

1.DU Battery Saver & Widgets(Rate:4.6)

DU Battery Saver & Widgets_Android Battery SaverDU Battery Saver & Widgets_Android Battery Saver

Installed by over 20 million,DU Battery Saver offers more features to save and extend your battery life than average power saving apps.You can take advantage of DU's various intelligent mode and pre-set options to ensure you’re using as little battery as possible.Besides, you can check battery status, health, temperature, optimize your background and more.Also, the app has a few of its own widgets to make things easily accessible.

2.Easy Battery Saver(Rate:4.6)

Easy Battery Saver_Android Battery SaverEasy Battery Saver_Android Battery Saver

Claimed to be the easiest energy-saving application,Easy Battery Saver has been download over 200 million person.You can extend the battery life by choosing from four power-saving options including General Saving Mode, Super Power Saving Mode, Advanced Customized Mode and Normal Mode.The special feature of this one is it will give you a quick status of your battery levels on the main page with a fairly accurate analysis.If you want the simple and friendly one, then this one is your meat.


JuiceDefender_Android Battery SaverJuiceDefender_Android Battery Saver

Packed with smart functions,JuiceDefender automatically and transparently manages the most battery draining components and turn them off when you don't use them, such as 3G/4G.And by turning off the mobile data, it will keep your battery life last a long periods of time. Also, it has a easy user interface. JuiceDefender works wonderful in saving battery and you can just take it a try.

4.Battery Dr saver+a task killer(Rate:4.4)

Battery Dr saver+a task killer_Android Battery SaverBattery Dr saver+a task killer_Android Battery Saver

Battery Dr Saver + a Task Killer is an app designed to improve your battery life.The app can help you kill tasks quickly to make Android device run smoother.Also, it will show you battery health, temperature, talk time, etc.When charging is complete, the app will alert you.

5.Battery Widget Reborn(Rate:4.8)

Battery Widget Reborn_Android Battery Saver

With a lot of features, a notification icon, and some really useful widgets, Battery Widget Reborn is another one that worthy of recommending.It is thoughtful and well designed and the best part is that you can activate your camera flash to use as a flashlight with its Dashclock Extension.What's more, the app offer some saving options that automatically kick in during the night while you’re sleeping, such as turning Airplane Mode on.

And to maintain the battery, you need to notice some tips as well. Just read this article on to get the tips.

      How to extend your Android’s battery life?

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