Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Best 5 Free Photo Editing apps for Android to Beautify Your Pictures

with the better development of smartphones and tablets,their in-built cameras of Android become an great alternative of cameras.So,photo editing apps for Android are needed to deal with the photos you have taken.And choosing a great and free image editor apps for Android is not very good, and I would like to share with you my opinions about Free Android photography apps in the following.

1.PicsArt(Android 1.6 and up)

PicsArt-Android Photo Editing App

For a go-to app for photo editing,PicsArt is a good choice.As a single app,PicsArt do a lot to your photos with more functions and photo effects than any other free app on Google Play. In addition to the varied filters, it also allows the user to draw on an existing image.Besides,the app allows user to edit the photo effect itself (depending on the filter).

2.Cymera(Android 2.2 and up)

Cymera-Android Photo Editing App

If you want a best camera and photo editing application for pictures,then have a look at Cymera.You can find almost everything you require in a camera and photograph manager to help you beautify your photos.What's more,you can find an enormous mixed bag of lenses and shooting modes, hand-picked channels and the best radiance effects built in the app.Really a great app.

3.Adobe Photoshop Express(Android 1.5 and up)

Adobe Photoshop Express-Android Photo Editing App

You must have heard of the widely known Photoshop which is without doubt one of the best photo editing software for PC.Then don't miss the Android version Adobe Photoshop Express.Easily crop, adjust color, rotate images, and choose from a selection of artistic effects to make your photo look better.Also,you can store your images on their site,, if you sign up and create an account.You can get great image editing features,but don’t expect all the advanced functions of the desktop version.

4.Pixlr Express(Android 2.2 and up)

Pixlr Express-Android Photo Editing App

Want a fun photograph manager?Then get Pixlr Express.You can use the app to rapidly trim, re-measures, and fixes any picture.Even you have never altered a photograph before,the app can make you look like a star.

5.CPhoto Editor(Android 2.3 and up)

CPhoto Editor-Android Photo Editing App

Aviary is a compelling photograph editorial manager which is made in light of the fact that you needed a fast and simple approach to alter your photographs on the run with no complains. It contains all the tools you require, in a super automatic interface so you can get right to editing.

So,if you want to edit your photos on your Android device, just choose one to beautify your pictures.

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