Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Best 5 Free Android Keyboard Apps to Get Great Typing Experience

Certainly,typing on Android has become very usual with the widely use of smartphones and tablets.We can find the built-in keyboard on the device,but with the customizability of Android, we can switch out the default keyboard for an better alternative to enhance the typing experience.Here I would like to share 5 highly regarded and best free keyboard apps for Android.

1.SwiftKey Keyboard Free

SwiftKey-Android Keyboard app

Undoubtedly, SwiftKey is one of the most popular and outstanding keyboard app for Android.It is able to understand not just patterns in your typing, but also how words work together. It also gives you the accurate autocorrect and prediction to make the typing more easily. Besides,you can backup and sync your personal language to make SwiftKey get your idea.

2.GO Keyboard

GO Keyboard-Android Keyboard app

For a mostly customized keyboard app for Android, don't miss Go Keyboard.It comes with theme support, emoji and everything else you want to personalize you’re typing experience visually, from the colors to picking between QWERTY keyboards of T9 keyboards.And it features voice typing, accurate dictionaries, smart engine for predictions, and supports multiple languages.You can just get your special typing experience with GO Keyboard.

3.Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard-Android Keyboard app

Google has also added its own keyboard to Google Play which was only meant for official Google "Nexus" devices before.Like other keyboard apps, Google Keyboard comes with plenty of features like gesture typing, voice typing, word recognition, next-word suggestion and current-word completion.The best thing about the keyboard is that it never crash and it is very suitable for Android tablets.

4.TouchPal X Keyboard

TouchPal X Keyboard-Android Keyboard app

TouchPal incorporates a swipe-based interface on top of the standard keyboard. When you swipe, a nice sparkly trail animation will appear which very cool. The is big attraction of the app is its "Curve" predictive text can finish your long words without your swiping. It just make you typing faster but kind of inaccuracy. Besides, it can automatically detect which language you're typing in based on the installed dictionaries. Also, it supports Multilanguage and voice input and other nice features.

5.Siine Shortcut Keyboard

Siine Shortcut Keyboard-Android Keyboard app

Siine Shortcut Keyboard is the mother of all shortcut keyboards.It is heavily customizable and features clock module, calendar etc.Beside, you can have your signatures and frequently used phrases for 1-click easy access.If you are spending much time and effort typing, then this one is a very ideal option. But note that though the app itself is free and devoid of any ads, many extensions like the calendar-on-keyboard thing will cost you money.

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