Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Top 5 Free Valentines' Day App for Android for Lovers

2014 Valentines'Day is just around the corner.So, how do you make the day special for you and your lover or the person you love?Just use your Android device to express your romance on that day with some apps. Here is a list of top free Valentines' Day Android apps to perfect your Valentines' Day.

1.Valentines day Live Wallpaper

Valentines day Live WallpaperValentines day Live Wallpaper

Of course the first thing to set the mood of Valentine’s Day is to set your Android wallpaper.And Valentine Heart Live Wallpaper will do your a favor with six different themes to choose from, which are all around the themes of hearts and love. Once you have selected a background hearts will drift around the homescreen in front of your background and upon touching them, they will light up. Through the settings menu the user can tweak the live wallpaper to their liking through various options.

2.Love Photo Heart Locket

Love Photo Heart LocketLove Photo Heart Locket

If you just want your customized wallpaper, then you can try Love Photo Heart Locket.With the app, you can take photos of you and your loved one and set them in cute heart-shaped frames on your home screen. Every swipe will give you a burst of hearts and every tap with give you kiss marks. If you have another photo, you can set it so as to create transitions. It’s pretty nifty – just watch out for your battery life.



Certainly the most important thing that lovers will do is a romantic dinner date on Valentine’s Day.So you may want to make a reservation in advance, as many restaurants will be booked. With OpenTable, you can search available restaurants and make reservations from your mobile device. With every reservation you make you’ll be able to earn points, which are accepted at OpenTable restaurants.

4.Valentine RADIO

Valentine RADIOValentine RADIO

For those who want to create a great atmosphere on Valentine’s Day, you cannot go wrong with the Valentine Radio app. This app has a selection of up to 40 different radio stations that play all the best love songs. You will need the internet to connect to these radio stations as they are web radio stations. Once you find a station you like you can then connect your Android device to your sterio or car radio via cable or bluetooth and then that’s it. Sit back and enjoy.

5.101 Ways to Say I Love You

101 Ways to Say I Love You101 Ways to Say I Love You

If you want to speak out your love to her/him in this special day, then don't hesitate,download this app "101 Ways to Say I Love You".Love has myriads of definitions in our world and it is a deep feeling, so how will you to express your feeling?Maybe you just want to directly speak to her/him, but it seems people want the more romantic and memorable way, so you can choose the most suitable idea from the app,also, the app can teach you how to say “I love you” in 101 different languages.

Enjoy your 2014 Valentines' Day!!

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