Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Top 5 Flappy Bird Alternatives for Android

Recently, Flappy Bird is very popular. The pity is the developer Dong Nguyen has suddenly removed the sublimely simple smash hit game when we are getting in a Flappy Bird fever.Fortunately,many similar Android games are released to let us get the challenge again.But it seems that many Flappy Bird clones are removed by Google, and here I would like to list some available and best alternatives of Flappy Bird.


Even the rating is not that good,"Ironpants" is one of the most popular "Flappy Bird" clones. And it may be even harder than the game that inspired it.Unlike "Flappy Bird,", the game requires you to hold the screen to fly upward rather than just tap it.This super-sensitive 8-bit flying game allows you to share your records on Twitter, so you can brag to your friends about getting a score higher than two.

2.Clumsy Bird
Clumsy Bird

Another one of the most unapologetic clones , "Clumsy Bird" manages to rip off both "Angry Birds" and "Flappy Birds" at the same time. This free Android game packs a more polished aesthetic for those who were turned off by the retro style of "Flappy Birds," and even has short cutscenes like "Angry Birds." If any "Flappy" knock-off has a lawsuit waiting for it, this is the one.

3.Fall Out Bird
Fall Out BirdFall Out Bird

As the third Flappy Bird-inspired game out here,Fall Out Boy features the flying heads of all four band members as you navigate them through an obstacle course of guitar heads. Not to mention, "Young Volcanoes" plays simultaneously, which is a dream for any FOB maniac.

4.Flappy Wings
Flappy WingsFlappy Wings

Flappy Wings is another shameless copy of Flappy Bird, which is a Piou Piou clone (more about this later). But at least they have got the bird artwork right (yes, you can see its beak). Another improvement is the addition of a pause button. Other than these few improvements, there’s nothing new.

5.Piou Piou
Piou Piou

Not only did the developer copy the pipe and sound effects from a popular arcade game, it also got "inspiration" from Piou Piou’s core gameplay feature. In this game, players are tasked to make the bird fly as far as possible while avoiding a series of thorny cacti.And this game is kind of easier compared to Flappy Bird.

If you are still stick on the original Flappy Bird game, than you can Download the Flappy APK here.

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