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Best 5 Free Android Video Player apps

Mobile phones are getting big. So big, and it is good news for those who like to watch videos on the move. Whether it’s CBS’ full-episode streaming app, BBC iPlayer, or whatever the local equivalent is in your ‘hood, you can easily catch up on all those TV shows wherever your roam.But what about Android video player apps for content stored locally on your device? There are many – some great, some good and some, well, not so good. Here, we pick out some of the best and most popular ones, to give you the lowdown on what makes them worth your time.

MoBoPlayer-Android Video player appsMoBoPlayer-Android Video player apps

MoBoPlayer is a perennially popular video player app, and for good reason.It can detect the‘video' on your device and supports folders too, so if you have all your content divided into categories, such as ‘TV Shows’, ‘Documentaries’, ‘Movies’, it will display this as such – though one tap can change the view to include everything on a single screen.One of the main selling points of this video player is that it will support pretty much any file-format you throw at it, without the need to convert first. It also offers up separate codec downloads in case you do experience compatibility issues.Additionally, MoboPlayer offers great support for subtitles, including SRT, ASS, and SAA, while you can sort all your videos by a number of criteria, including name, size, format, resolution and more.It’s a great player that performs consistently well in terms of playback and video quality, and is easy on the eye to boot.

VPlayer-Android Video player apps  VPlayer-Android Video player apps

VPlayer lacks some of the bells-and-whistles–and visual finesse–of MoboPlayer, but it has proven to be a popular video-player among the Android masses.It supports most of the common file-formats out there.And also it detects all the video-containing folders on your handset,the nice part of it is the ability to copy/paste links from YouTube and Vimeo to let you watch them directly in VPlayer, and save them for later.But it doesn’t let you organize or filter your content all that well.

3.VLC Player
VLC Player-Android Video player appsVLC Player-Android Video player apps
From the vaults of VideoLAN comes VLC for Android, which remains in beta having initially launched more than a year ago.It act as an audio player as well as a video player.With a nice interface, it does offer browsing by folder through navigating down into the directory. However, it would be nice to see folder view become an optional view alongside the ‘everything on your device’ view.The app features a sleep timer – so if you (like me) enjoy nodding off at night to a documentary or film, you can set it to switch itself off at a certain time.

RealPlayer-Android Video player appsRealPlayer-Android Video player apps

RealPlayer is one of the stalwarts of the digital music space, and though you may have long-forgotten about its PC-based software, the Android app is actually really nice.It’s a video, photo and music-playing app, and to access the former you must cast your eye to the bottom where you’ll see an icon helpfully titled ‘Video’. You’re then presented with a folder view and ‘all’ view, which is a good thing.You can search for any video stored on your device, and – the icing on the cake here – any video on the Web too. RealPlayer is a great little all-in-one media app, but if you’re specifically looking to watch locally-stored videos, then you’d maybe be better with something a little more dedicated than this, such as MoboPlayer.


RockPlayer2-Android Video player appsRockPlayer2-Android Video player apps

RockPlayer2 is an interesting one, as it both looks and feels different to the other video player apps out there.On launch, all your videos will appear in one central library. You can swipe to the right, where you’ll see a file-manager that lets you browse down through your various folders, and then there’s a playlist page, that lets you create multiple playlists to which you can add videos – you do so by long-pressing a video and select the context-specific menu option that pops down from the top of the screen.Throw into the mix network-streaming via the built-in UPnP client, the ability to create, move, delete and rename folders in your directory, and more, then it’s clear that RockPlayer2 is a very powerful app. That said, it will likely only appeal to power-users given that it’s not 100% intuitive to use – it does take a lot of playing around with it to figure out what’s what.

So, what's your video player apps on your Android?


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