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Best 5 Free Android Note-Taking Apps to Work with Your Business

In today's life, our smartphones and tablets are not only used to call and text, but for many other ordinary things like playing games, playing music and videos and more. Even we can make notes on-the-go with the brilliant note-taking Android apps on our Android gadgets.The note-taking apps are really useful and innovative.And following just check out my favorite Android note-taking apps.


Evernote-Android note-taking app

Rated high to 4.7,Evernote is without doubt the king of note taking apps. It has everything you need for note taking – picture capture, voice reminders, to-do lists, search, and much more.You may like its special feature which isits ability to sync with all of your devices and make all of your notes searchable.Besides, the app also includes an automated transcription service which turns speech into text.And you can share notes with friends and colleagues by Email or Facebook or Twitter.

2.Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote-Android note-taking app

If you want to take note on Android just like PC, then pick up Microsoft OneNote, which uses a classic way to help you do the job.You can manage up to 500 notes on your Android device. All notes sync with Microsoft’s cloud service, SkyDrive. What OneNote offers that the others don’t is the ability to create Microsoft Office charts and diagrams.To edit the files, open Office Web Apps on your phone browser and you can change text, create tables, make slides and many other functions that Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint has all in one program.


SpringPad-Android note-taking app

Worked as both a note-taking app and bookmarking app,SpringPad is really amazing.You can do all of the normal note taking things, plus add collaborators to your notes, and make your notes look absolutely stunning. You can clip an article, snap a photo, record a voice memo or save a nearby place through the app, which then shows you “the right information at the right time.”The most important part of the app is it can gather contact from the web and aggregate and embedded it into your personal notes.

4.Google Keep

Google Keep-Android note-taking app

For a simple app for taking notes and making to-do lists on-the-go, get Keep.Users can type out notes, take photos, make lists, and record voice notes in a colorful, neat, easy UI. Like Evernote, Keep also transcribes voice notes into text for you. All notes sync back to your Google Drive account so that you can view them on your PC.


Any.DO-Android note-taking app

With an alarm reminder,Any.Do is a reminder (to-do) comes note taking app.You can pin your notes/to-do on your home screen,set the alarm to ring only once or you can set it to recurring. Any.Do allows you to use the speak feature as well if you do not want to type.Besides,you can arranged your notes according to dates or you can store it in folders. When you don’t need the notes or you have completed all the tasks, you can delete all the completed note and task by shaking your phone.

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  1. To add, here's a list of few light weight apps that add security features too - Top 5 secure android note apps.


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